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Working for a Safe, Supported, and Healthy Community

A safe, supported, and healthy community is one where people are engaged with their neighbors and where residents have access to the resources they need to grow and thrive. 


When my husband and I chose Lakeville as the place to raise our children, we did so with the community’s wonderful public schools in mind. I believe every child in Minnesota deserves the same opportunity that my own kids have had, but instead, we have a system where a child’s zip code determines the quality of their education. When I’m elected, I will be a fierce advocate for strengthening our education system and preparing our children for the workforce by: 


  • Untangling the Funding for Our Schools from Property Taxes

  • Expanding Access to Resources Within Our Schools and In Our Community

    • Fully funding our schools at the state level, and putting a stop to the practice of burdening tax payers with new levies

    • Coordinating critical supports for students and families at our schools ensures that the needs are met with minimal disruption

    • Building trust and partnerships by actively attending to relationships with families, students, and community members 

    • Promoting school leadership driven by continuous improvement, leading to deeper collaboration between school leadership, families, teachers, and school staff

    • Making sure all students have access to reliable broadband access

  • Making Higher Education More Accessible and Affordable

    • Creating programs that support our trade and technical schools

    • Capping the cost of colleges and universities

    • Investing in ways to help high school students find the higher education opportunities that best suit them

  • Providing Funding for Mental Health and Special Education Programs

    • Providing funding to our schools covering the costs of federal and state mandated programs

    • Ensuring that our LGTBQ youth have safe and supportive settings in our schools

    • Investing in student mental health and school counselors, especially during a time when families have been impacted harshly by the pandemic



This community has helped my family thrive, and I want younger families to be given the same opportunities that mine has had. We need an economy that works for everyone, regardless of what you look like or where you come from. That means policies that support working families, small businesses, and retirees. When I’m elected, I will work for our economy by:

  • Passing Necessary Legislation that Works for Families

    • Paid Family & Medical Leave

    • Affordable Childcare

    • Ensuring fair wages that reflect the growth of our economy

  • Advocating for Smart Tax Policy

    • Fighting against wasteful spending and fraud

    • Putting the money from our $9 billion surplus back into the pockets of Minnesotans, and back into our communities where it’s most needed

  • Supporting Policies that Help Small Businesses Thrive

    • Making it easier for small business owners to navigate the bureaucratic red tape

    • Supporting policies that make employer-sponsored health insurance more accessible

    • Protecting against unfair competition from big businesses

  • Making Retirement More Affordable

    • Fighting against unnecessary social security and property tax increases

    • Protecting social security and pension benefits

    • Ensuring that our seniors can choose the living situation that’s right for them 

  • Investing in Much-Needed Improvements to Our Infrastructure

    • Creating more good paying jobs by funding projects to keep our roads, bridges, utilities, parks, and trails accessible and up to date

    • Ensuring our infrastructure keeps up with the rapid pace of development and population growth of our community


My family loves living in Lakeville because of how peaceful and well maintained it is here. We have the opportunity to preserve that peace and bring it to the rest of Minnesota by funding our social programs and safety net services; by interrupting the cycle that traps people in a life of crime; and by passing common sense policies that not only preserve our way of life, but improve upon it. When I’m elected, I will help make our state a model for livability by:

  • Making Health Care More Affordable and Accessible

    • Expanding access to MinnesotaCare for middle class families

    • Cracking down on prescription drug price gouging

    • Ensuring that everyone has access to the mental health resources that they need

    • Ensuring that a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare is free from government interference, regardless of the U.S. Supreme Court’s impact on Roe v. Wade

  • Protecting Our Natural Resources and Preserving Our Clean Water

    • Championing policies that recognize the reality of climate change and work to reduce carbon emissions 

    • Protecting our drinking water and farmlands from pollutants, and advocating for more sustainable agricultural practices

  • Legalizing and Regulating Adult-Use Cannabis 

    • Expunging the records of nonviolent offenders who have been convicted of drugs related to cannabis possession 

    • Freeing up our overburdened law enforcement officers to focus on violent crime

    • Generating additional tax revenue and creating new jobs

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